Suspect faces criminal charges after entering and causing damage to vehicles in Peekskill

    Police believe individual intended to steal valuables

    Ardsley resident Shane Oglesby (Photo: PPD)
    Ardsley resident Shane Oglesby (Photo: PPD)

    A 20-year-old man is under arrest and facing charges after a resident of the Hillcrest Park Condominium complex contacted Peekskill police at 2 a.m. Monday to report two individuals looking into parked cars in the complex, according to a Monday afternoon press release from the Peekskill Police Department.

    Shane Oglesby, of Secor Road in Ardsley, was charged with Criminal Mischief after police arrived and observed him trying to conceal himself inside of a parked vehicle. Upon further investigation, officers found that he had broken the glove box and emptied the contents onto the floor.

    Oglesby was taken into custody and charged with multiple counts of fourth-degree Criminal Mischief, a Class A misdemeanor, after police determined he’d caused similar damage to at least four other vehicles. It is believed that he had entered the vehicles intending to steal valuables.

    Peekskill Chief of Police Eric Johansen says residents should lock their car doors and remove any valuables from plain sight to avoid being a crime victim. He also praised the resident who contacted the department and urged others to contact police when they see suspicious activity.

    “These crimes are an incredible nuisance in our community and it is very gratifying for our officers to be able to locate one of the people responsible, thanks in large part to the actions of one our citizens,” Johansen said.

    Oglesby was arraigned in Peekskill City Court Monday afternoon where bail was set in the amount of $500. The second subject was not located and Johansen said his department is not currently searching for him.

    “We are not looking for him as we do not have enough information to identify him,” he told The Peekskill Post. When asked if Oglesby had been cooperative when asked about the second individual, Johansen said, “No comment.”

    His department is, however, continuing its investigation into whether or not there are other victims that can be linked to Oglesby.

    Officers Sue Bielomyza and Rasheem Williams made the arrest.