Child’s World Academy celebrates Mother’s Day

    Local mothers and grandmothers were treated to a very special Mother’s Day Social at Child’s World Academy on Saturday, May 6, in Peekskill.

    “This year’s event was created by Ms. Hiedi-Ann Llyod and Ms. Jessica Joffe as a way to honor our mothers and grandmothers,” said Child’s World Academy Director Daria Ciaffone. “The children put on a beautiful performance to sing of all the lovely traits their mothers possess. We also enjoyed tea and hors d’oeuvres while socializing in our decorated and colorful pre-kindergarten classroom.”

    Child’s World Academy is a large childcare center located at 50 Dayton Lane, across from Beach Shopping Center in Peekskill. Licensed from six weeks to 12 years of age, Child’s World incorporates Spanish, sign language, character development, fun with fitness and Yoga into its daily program.

    “Our teachers are encouraged to incorporate hands-on activities as well as provide the children with opportunities to learn through socialization and discovery,” Ciaffone said.